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About Us


Paul values honesty, kindness, and mutual respect, and he models these behaviors in his interactions with his customers, contractors, and employees. His character and communication skills (especially during difficult situations) are attributes that set him apart from his competitors. Paul is the 2020 President of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association.

A nice home doesn't have to be a big home.
But if big is what you want, that's fine too.”

Paul enjoys meeting with his customers and helping them create the home they want, not necessarily what he thinks they should want.

In addition, Paul believes that a nice home doesn't have to be an expensive home, and he works hard at helping his customers work with and in their budgets.

We have a passion for authentic beautiful materials.


Finding the perfect materials for your home can be a frustrating waste of time – driving to multiple locations all over the county in search of the items and advice you need. That’s why Holzinger Homes offers you flooring, countertops, and cabinetry options.


Without multiple 3rd party dealers to coordinate – each demanding their own set of rates and fees and paperwork – we can save you money.


Let’s be honest – we want to feel good about the materials we sell to you. So with every project, we ask ourselves, If this was our home, what would we want? The answer is always “long-lasting, dependable, and beautiful materials.”

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